Consultancy Services

We assist you whether you want to buy a yacht or build a marina or in any other project you may have. We have suppliers and buyers of a wide range of consumer, industrial and luxury goods and service for our clients in the world-wide upper marketplace.


Being active in international business for over 40 years, and as members of several business networking communities, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and resources, thus becoming an important source of advice and assistance to our clients.


International Trade Point

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Precious Gems

Colored gemstones and cut diamonds and have been a popular and recognized form of investment for centuries.
This is because, on one hand, precious stones have survived all past financial and economic crises, and on the other hand their special mobility. Thus, a high-quality colored gemstone (e.g., ruby or emerald) having a weight of 5 carats, equivalent to one gram, can have the same traffic value as a gold bar of 1 KG weight.


Color Gemstones

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Fine Art

Investing in art, with some names you can never go wrong like Chagall, Brancusi, Malevich, Pirosmani, Canaletto, Kandinsky, Renoir, Moglidiani and Gudiashvili. Yes, we do have access to some of their original works, even from Tiziano and Leonardo da Vinci.


Matter of fact, we have over 2000 original art objects available directly from the owners who often bought them from the artists or from the families of the artists themselves. Among them are some excellent Russian Impressionists, French, American and Russian masters and Western and contemporary art.


Fine Paintings and Art

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In times of uncertain banking transactions and poor interest rates, “marques”, top brand name luxury, sport cars and old-timers are increasingly in demand.


The Financial Times Financial Times recently saw the classic automobile ranked second in the “best performing investments” in the last decade – with a growth of 395 percent.


The four-wheeled value-added investments need only be defeated by the rising value of gold (434 percent growth). This extraordinary growth suggests that prospective purchasers of super sports cars will not only be interested in fast lap times, but…


Ferrari - Alfa Romeo - Lamborghini


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Valuable Carpets

Like a good bottle of wine, a handmade carpet will undoubtedly gain in value with proper care, making it one of the most rewarding investments one can make.
The most expensive carpet was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a record of $ 33.8 million in 2013. It is believed to be a Kerman carpet from the early 17th century with a rare “vase” technique on a red background. This record surpasses the previous sale of another Kerman carpet in 2010, which was sold for $ 9 million. And how is the situation in 2017?
Tabriz Detail

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Dominican Republic Investing

With the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is known for its positive attitude towards foreign investments. Already in 2012, according to the World Bank, the Dominican Republic was ranked as the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipient in the Caribbean driven by increased investments in electricity, manufacturing and mining and tourism projects as a commercial segment of great importance including all project opportunities of non-industrial business establishments.


The Dominican Republic has a strong consolidated financial sector and a well-organized business community. This provides newcomers with networks for rapidly inserting themselves into industry and commerce.


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