Consultancy Services

We help you whether you want to sell a yacht or need a one-of-a-kind carpet. We have buyers and suppliers of a wide range of consumer and industrial goods and service for our clients in the world-wide marketplace. Being active in international business for over 40 years, and as members of several business networking communities, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts and resources, thus becoming an important source of advice and assistance to our clients.

International Trade Point

Recognizing the Internet as a powerful tool of communication for man, the objective of International Trade Point – ITP knows to use it as an extraordinary way of generating business opportunities all over the world. Basically, everybody could do that, but..

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Precious Gems

Colored gemstones and cut diamonds and have been a popular and recognized form of investment for centuries. This is because, on the one hand, precious stones have survived all past financial and economic crises, and on the other hand their special mobility. Thus, a high-quality colored gemstone (e.g., ruby or emerald) having a weight of 5 carats, equivalent to one gram, can have the same traffic value as a gold bar of 1 KG weight.

Color Gemstones

For this reason, gemstones have often been given the title of “ideal curse currency”. This circumstance, as well as the fact that precious stones are not subject to any wealth tax and are hardly affected by inflation, deflation or currency devaluation, makes them particularly attractive as an anonymous asset investment! In emergencies, the precious stones can be easily and quickly transported as an iron reserve and can be taken abroad if necessary, where the exchange can be done quickly in cash.

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Fine Art

As an investor in fine art you have an insight into the work of the artist, whose object you want to buy. You have a basic understanding of the technology and the art-historical context. Ownership entails obligations – this is particularly true for people for whom art is more than just a status symbol.

Fine Paintings and Art

Sooner or later, many questions arise about the preservation and care of both financial and cultural assets. For example, how to make a collection with a focus on a collection of art objects. Or how to determine the value of art works from the collection and what insurances are necessary.

GalleryCollectors often are striving to become a member of a Friendship and Assistance of a museum. And at some point, perhaps also the question of a specific resolution of the collection. This can be done either by a selective purchase, but also by transfer to a successor or an art foundation. Again diverse expertise needed.

For maximum revenue is always the choice of the right time and point of sale.

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Valuable Carpets

Like a good bottle of wine, a handmade carpet will undoubtedly gain in value with proper care, making it one of the most rewarding investments one can make.

The most expensive carpet was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a record of $ 33.8 million in 2013. It is believed to be a Kerman carpet from the early 17th century with a rare “vase” technique on a red background. This record surpasses the previous sale of another Kerman carpet in 2010, which was sold for $ 9 million.

Tabriz Detail

This constant increase in value is not only due to the age of some carpets, although this is an important factor. The difference between supply and demand has recently led to price increases of up to 500% for Persian carpets. Here is why:

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Dominican Republic Investing

With the largest economy in Central America and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is known for its positive attitude towards foreign investments. According to the World Bank, the Dominican Republic was ranked as the largest Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) recipient in the Caribbean in 2012 driven by increased investments in electricity, manufacturing and mining. Investment was also up in manufacturing in export processing zones, tourism and real estate.

The Dominican Republic has a strong consolidated financial sector and a well-organized business community. This provides newcomers with networks for rapidly inserting themselves into industry and commerce.

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