What we do for you

We source offers and supplies from a wide range of industrial and luxury goods as well as service in the world-wide marketplace to middle market companies and private entities.

Active in international business for almost 50 years,  as former representative of a Chamber of Foreign Trade, as members of several business networking communities, and being successfully active in various lines of business, we have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, contacts  and resources.

The International Trade Point was born of Ambarazul, LLC, a Delaware company.   The fact that we are located in the Caribbean adds a strategic advantage; we respect our clients privacy and security as well as their intellectual property. These ethics provide the foundation for success in our business relationship.

We are aware that successful and fast communication is always the result of mutual understanding and the most basic requirement for satisfied customers and stable business relationships.

Therefore, we do our utmost to understand our customers, their idiosyncrasy and customs and their situation to help them find the most convenient solutions in order to ‘make the deal work’ as a true facilitator.



International Trade Point ITP is privately owned operation located in the Caribbean.

teamworkIn spite of all the technical advancements in communication, we have happily maintained the old-time code of ethics and confidentiality which sets standards of professional conduct for all activities, thus becoming a basic rule for performance of daily duties for all our contacts and associates.

Our managing director has an international business experience of 45+ years. We serve suppliers and buyers of a wide range of consumer, industrial and luxury goods and commodities. International Trade Point is a facilitator of transactions which form our core business  and usually is not the Buyer/Seller.

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We select our partners not only according to their capabilities, knowledge and experience, but we are aware that in our business honesty and integrity with customers, associates and vendors is a duty.  To achieve your goals, we work together with the following companies, among others:

Curanice Consulting N.V. –  Curacao, N.A. offers high-quality offshore company administrative service to clients located in various markets throughout the world



Bahama ConsultingSAR Bahamas Consulting  Unique spectrum of products and services, dealing in brand name goods at liquidation prices. Authorized sales agent of one of Canada’s largest liquidation houses. Also trading in soft commodities, beauty products, alcohol, anthracite, oil and gas.



Maxi Gold, LLC  France – England – Dubai  specialized in the business sector of wholesale trade of ores, ferrous and non-ferrous metals like gold and other precious metals as well precious stones.



deWinterDeWinterDiamond, Belgium, India and Spain  Experts for new personalized and pre-owned jewelry.




BrainCorp Inc., USA is a financial services advisory firm, providing investment banking and related capital and financing advice to middle market companies for structuring and raising capital, including debt, mezzanine and equity.


The Northern Company – USA – Saudi Arabia – Jeddah works together with producers, cooperatives, refineries, factories and associates representing various commodities, products and services through the world.



MurariMurari Art Gallery – Baltic offers private fine art dealer services as art advisor to private, corporate and institutional collectors in the old masters and modern and contemporary secondary market.



Vail Fine Art Gallery, Inc. – USA Art Consultation and gallery specialized on Impressionist-Inspired Paintings and Bronze Sculptures. French, American and Russian Masters, Western and Contemporary Art.




Global Food & Beverages Corporation (GFB)
Panama – Argentina – Peru
30 years on international seafood markets, producing quality by shared local companies , selecting and gathering the best quality products from trustable, approved packers and exporting from South and Central America, West Africa, India and Indonesia. 

Neptun World Fisheries – Peru and Chile
The company offers various seafood products,  according to the season.


Private: Offers & Demand

Our clients have regular supply or demand of the below products. In case of interest or offers, please contact us for concrete details. Thank you.





Petrol Products 













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