Valuable Carpets

Like a good bottle of wine, a handmade carpet will undoubtedly gain in value with proper care, making it one of the most rewarding investments one can make.
The most expensive carpet was sold at a Sotheby’s auction for a record of $ 33.8 million in 2013. It is believed to be a Kerman carpet from the early 17th century with a rare “vase” technique on a red background. This record surpasses the previous sale of another Kerman carpet in 2010, which was sold for $ 9 million. And how is the situation in 2017?
Tabriz Detail

This constant increase in value is not only due to the age of some carpets, although this is an important factor. The difference between supply and demand has recently led to price increases of up to 500% for Persian carpets. Here is why:
As the production of handmade carpets generally decreases, the value of quality carpets undoubtedly will continue to rise. Many of the carpets that were easy to get on the market a few years ago are now more difficult to find.
Just as an example: 90% of all Persian carpets were and are being knotted by women at home to improve the household while men were nomadic farmers. The culture of the nomads gradually disappears when they become sedentary. Good grazing grounds also contribute to this, making a change of the location unnecessary.

Even today, nomadic carpets are a scarce commodity, which is becoming increasingly rare and therefore valuable as you can see on $ 33.8 million carpet sold at the Sotheby’s auction.
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