Who we are

International Trade Point – ITP, operating from the Dominican Republic is a division of Ambarazul, LLC, a Delaware company.  Ambarazul, LLC, was founded in November 2007.

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The company’s founder is a seasoned professional with over 40 years of business experience of buying and trading on the international markets.
He is Member of the International Broker, Seller, Buyer Mandate, Commodity Group and of the International Trade 2.0 – Import & Export Group.
International Trade Point ITP is customer-focused and service-oriented, thus providing personalized assistance to each of our clients. Our goal is absolute client satisfaction providing a level of expertise that allows us to become virtual partners in every venture undertaken.
Our team and partners consist of talented, committed, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural loyal professionals. Some of them are located in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Dubai and Indonesia, just to name a few.
Our global trading and consultancy services operation started in 1985 in Germany as “Contactos Trading GmbH” and the parallel company in Poland as “PPH Contactos Sp z o.o.”. In the beginning we concentrated mainly on industry needs like electronic products and components, cars, petrol and chemical products, white-ware and up to highly specialized products like pilot training devices. We then were also representatives of the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade.
After founding Ambarazul, LLC in Delaware, USA and moving our main office of operation to Caribbean, we have added other lines to suit the needs and requirements of our clients, both private and industrial, both in the Caribbean and internationally, but mainly concentrating on high-end investments.
All transactions are accomplished with the highest integrity. We are acting with buyers and sellers directly, and therefore can react quickly and adapt to changing conditions. We understand the needs of our clients and are committed to meeting their highest standards.
Please read some of our clients spontaneous reactions:

Thank you so much for your zealous and professional service, I am very satisfied.
Best Regards,
N. L. China
Dear friend: the shipment arrived today in the morning. What can I say? Simply beautiful!!! A lot better than the photos!!! I’m very happy. Thanks a lot for all your help and all your courtesy,
A., Italy

Hello my friend
This morning I received the stones and they are excellent.
Thank you
M.A. Saudi Arabia

Absolutely exquisite and courteous service — thank you!!!

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