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Invest in Art

To successfully invest in art, it is not enough to be wealthy. You should have an insight into the work of the artist, whose object you want to buy. There should be present a basic understanding of the technology and the art-historical context. Ownership entails obligations – this is particularly true for people for whom art is more than just a status symbol.

Sooner or later, many questions arise about the preservation and care of both financial and cultural assets. For example, how to make a collection with a focus on a collection of art objects. Or how to determine the value of art works from the collection and what insurances are necessary.

Collectors often are striving to become a member of a Friendship and Assistance of a museum. And at some point, perhaps also the question of a specific resolution of the collection. This can be done either by a selective purchase, but also by transfer to a successor or an art foundation. Again diverse expertise needed.

For maximum revenue is always the choice of the right time and point of sale. Investing in art is a special request to the investors – and especially on its willingness to take risks. Because the high returns that can be currently achieved in the art market are bought with a high risk of these brazen capital market rule is universal.

Kandinsky ImprovisationBut, obviously, there are a few objects where you will never go wrong. This is what we can offer you.

Do the names Chagall, Brancusi, Malevich, Pirosmani, Canaletto, Kandinsky, Renoir and Gudiashvili ring a bell? Or maybe Pissarro, Yuroz, Michal Zaborowski, Alexandra Nechita, R.C. Gorman, Robert Hagan, Nicolai Timkov, Fedor Zakharov, Vladimir Krantz, Dmitry Maevsky ?

Please contact us. You may be surprised what is for sale without the knowledge of the broad public or the well known auction houses.