In times of uncertain banking transactions and poor interest rates, “marques”, top brand name luxury, sport cars and old-timers are increasingly in demand.


The Financial Times Financial Times recently saw the classic automobile ranked second in the “best performing investments” in the last decade – with a growth of 395 percent.


The four-wheeled value-added investments need only be defeated by the rising value of gold (434 percent growth). This extraordinary growth suggests that prospective purchasers of super sports cars will not only be interested in fast lap times, but…


Ferrari - Alfa Romeo - Lamborghini


also whether the investment in a Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Co. will prove worthwhile. A justified approach, given that the value of the Ferrari Enzo has more or less doubled over the past ten years. Of course, such an investment only makes sense when you know what cars, models and brands  currently have the makings of the perfect investment.


The answer lies in the economic principle of supply and demand, which are strongly influenced by factors such as perceived value, sustainable relevance and historical significance. Factors which, long before the first automobile, were important for collectors of watches, jewelery, wines and art.
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