Products sourced

Besides the service we offer, due to our international resources, these are some of the concrete products we have or can make available.








* Dominican Amber, Colombian Copal

All colors, qualities, prices and sizes
Location: Dominican Republic

Blue Amber beads








* Colombian Emeralds

Cut stones and Jewelry
Location: Colombia

Colombian Emeralds
Dominican Emeralds



*Diamonds and other gems, raw and cut

Locations: Antwerp, Israel, Bali, Dubai

Raw DiamondsBlue Diamond ring










*Vintage and special cars (Marques)

Confidential off market only
Location: USA, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong


Maybach Cabrio, 1936

Zonda F









*Fine Art

Open market or confidential off market
Location: Europe, USA


Fine Arts GalleryFine Paintings and Art









*Special Carpets and Rugs

Location: Europe, USA, Middle East


Haj Jalil Tabriz