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Products sourced

Besides the service we offer, due to our international resources, these are some of the concrete products we have or can make available.

Dominican Yellow Amber* Dominican Amber

All colors, qualities, prices and sizes
Location: Dominican Republic


Dominican Blue Amber


Colombian Emeralds* Colombian Emeralds

Cut stones and Jewelry
Location: Colombia


Dominican Emeralds

Colombian Copal* Copal

Natural and modified
Location: Colombia and DR


Modified Colombian copal

Maybach Cabrio, 1936

Maybach Cabrio, 1936

*Vintage and special cars (Marques)

Confidential off market only
Location: USA, Europe

Zonda F

Zonda F

Fine Arts Gallery

Fine Arts Gallery

*Fine Art.

Confidential off market only
Location: worldwide

Antonio Canaletto La Place Ste Marguerite

Antonio Canaletto


Mahi_mahi -Peru* Seafood

According to season
Location: Chile, Brazil, Peru

Octopus - Chile

* Commodities:

i.e. Copper powder 99.999 Cu and other forms of copper, gold, diamonds, chrome, mercury – nickel wire 99.999 NI isotope,  and other non-ferrous metals. as well as sugar, rice and vegetable oils and more…