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Stock Market Trading

International Trade Point

Beaches of gold.  You may be a stock market guru, or the like, an expert in a particular market segment or have other sources of valuable information and knowledge to use a technology for yourself – but you now you need to realize your profits with a discreet, reliable and fast trader. This is what we offer.

Our partner, AMPEX CAPITAL NEW YORK (AMPEX CAPITAL HOLDING CORP) – ACNY trades commodities, precious metals or simple interest papers with an experience of over 40 years.

Currency TradeACNY also hedges existing foreign assets against currency risks in interbank currency trading. ACNY monitors your positions according to your specifications and also perform independently the actions that may be necessary at a given time.

WallStreetBull2Do not settle for the occasional redeployment or strategic relocation of assets of your portfolio, as it is often practiced by some too lazy and satisfied asset managers, but expect that everything that happens on your behalf, also brings you the maximum profit. You want the “Get the news before the news” and find the results accordingly in your account. One minute before before you learn on the evening news of the events that have led to them.

WallStreetTradingFloorAMPEX CAPITAL NEW YORK researches everywhere where it is necessary, looks under every rock and into every corner, which leads towards other concealed sources that are just not accessible for every “normal” stock broker. This may be a bit more expensive, but brings that decisive edge you need. But if you want, you have nothing to do with all these “financial acrobatics”, just turn the tables and let it be our daily work and responsibility in independent action. It will be clearly visible on your account statement.


AMPEX CAPITAL NEW YORK offers Traded Accounts (TA), Managed Accounts (MA) and Secured Accounts (SA).

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