To make everybody happy is impossible. But, we do our best to merit our customers’ sincere commendations. And we seem to be succeeding – isn’t that great?
Please read below examples of spontaneous reactions from all around the world. Some short, some long. Some matter-of-factly, some even romantic. And everything in between.
Enjoy! And don’t hold your breath. It’s gonna be long.


I have received the stones and they are beautiful.
Thank very much looking to doing much more business with you. Respectfully,
We received the stone today, and we are thrilled.
Hope to buy again one day.
Thank you
A & S, Australia

Hello my friend
This morning I received the stones and they are excellent.
Thank you
M.A. Saudi Arabia

Hello, I have received the stone and I must say that the picture did not make justice to it.

It is superb! I am fully satisfied.
Best Wishes
R. G. Italy

we got the package today.
Thank you very much, everything is beautiful.
H. W., USA


I have received all my oder yesterday. It was beautiful.
I will order again near future.
Thank you
Y. S., Japan


Gorgeous amber – lightning delivery – exceptionally nice dealer!
I’ll be back!

Thank u millions that u make my wife happy she loved a lot the blue necklaces and the blue heart but the red heart really really she loved it more than anything else.
I would like also to thank the craftsman, for the great job that he did for me and thank u H. to give me the chance to have in my collection something that I will be proud of it in my life and to keep it as a gift for my kids.
H.A. Qatar

Everything arrived a-okay. Have been working very hard to finish in time for exhibition but the amber is perfect…
A. United Kingdom


Keep up the good work.
I am blessed to have gotten to know you.


Hello H.
We received the shipment thank you.
It is all lovely and I expect it to sell very well. I had instructed B. to start on another order to send to you, so I will be in touch again very soon.
S.M. Australia


Hi H.,
I received the order today and it looks very nice. I already have a partner to go in on my next purchase, so when I run out I will be in touch again 🙂
Thanks for all your help and correspondence,

I got the piece today. I’m happy with it :).
Thanks so much,

No need for tracking, it’s already here!!!
They look great!
Thx for getting them here so fast


Thanks a lot for your every thing you have done for me. I can’t thank you enough really, and it is my pleasure to have business with you, and I hope it not will be that last.
K.A. Kuwait


Hello! It arrived! – You could not have picked a better piece – I cannot tell you how pleased that I am and I am so surprised at how light it is.
I am nervous to start working with it, but am anxious at the same time.

Thank you again for your patience and I will be in touch!


I didn’t expect delivery so soon. I am very pleased.

I receive the necklace last Friday, it’s extremely beautiful!! Of course I will keep my eye on your web too, 🙂
C.L. Hong Kong


Dear Mr. D.
Have received the second package. I must say, outstanding material and very breathtaking. I want to thank you for the material received. I hope we can do business in the future.
Best Regards,


Dear H.
I have received the parcel yesterday and what can I say as usual it’s beautiful.
When you know some one very far from you and there is a strong trust between you this means friendship, I’m really like to deal with you because you are honest, nice, clear, advisable and have very good product. So it’s normal to continue business with you till to date which have been started from 2005. Thank you H. for every thing.
H.S.A Qatar


Dear H.,
I have recovered today your last package.
As usual, the items were safely packed and are FABULOUS !!!!
These collections pieces will be a great addition (as usual !) in my collection. Thank you for everything!
Truly yours,
P.L. Canada


Dear Mr H.,
How are you? I have received the package, it reached Bahrain an hour ago and I couldn’t wait till Monday to get it, so I went to the airport at 10:30 pm to collect it!
It definitely is something out of this world. Thanks a lot.
The cut and polish is fantastic!
Regards to the whole family.
R.E.M. Kingdom of Bahrain

Dear H.,
ooh, aahhh! This is absolutely stunning! The picture on your website was accurate. Oh, I am so impressed.

I am so excited about presenting this to my partner for his holiday gift. We will definitely be ordering more from you after the start of the new year. What a great find! Good luck with your sales in the new year. Thanks again~
W. Australia

I have got the package, it really make me happy.

HBW Taiwan

Hello H. K.
me receive it
No adjective
It is very beautiful
I very like it
Thank you very much

J. H.Taiwan


Hi Hermann, Thank you very much, I received the pendant the other day and it is truly a very nice piece, I am very happy. Please remember me when you get a really nice piece. You can send me photos any time.


Thank you, H.
I greatly appreciate your efforts once again.
By the way, this month marks the 3rd anniversary since I received my first order. I have been blessed ever since to have gotten to know you.


Dear H.
My father went to the airport at 10pm. he said I can’t wait till Saturday…the impression…is amazing.
everybody loved them… its actually what my father wanted. you can’t imagine how happy he is.
thanks again.

R. M. Bahrain


Thank you for the shipment I got it yesterday and the stones are lovely, and I have to have more.
I’m going to buy another one next week, hows that sound?


Hi H.,
Received the parcel today just in time.
I wanted to thank you for your decency, high quality service and most of all your professionalism.
You know, I sincerely believe that this fascinating stone should be classified as ‘The 8th Wonder of the World’.
We’ll definitely keep in touch for the rest.
Warm regards
A. de G. Switzerland

I received the parcel today.
The it is awesome, I’m very happy!
Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Got this package today.
Beautiful pieces. Thanks for filling this special order!


Dear H.:
I got your second package today morning, very happy and everything is OK. Thank you very very much! I like this piece very very much!
When will you list some new item? Hope to see you new item with big one.
L.S.J. China


A touch of divinity covers me…
My heart starts with a beat full of fascinating charm…
My eyes commence a travel through the eternity, attracted by the magic blue Dominican…
Having the beads between the fingers, like having open doors through the stopping time…
What a feeling…
Dankeschon, H. D., holding the blue Dominican it is like possessing a piece from paradise..
Dr.M.C.United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

I received it today – Mr. D. thanks
It is a beauty
Thanks again.

Good evening H.,

The parcel made it here yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get home to open the package and have my first experience with the blue Amber beads and see what is all that praise for it is all about. So, I get home, open the box, and quickly grab the small silver gift box and carefully cut the scotch tape on the side and I , slowly and holding it at a distance , lifted the top part (with my eyes half closed) just a little bit. At this point..nothing happened, so I gathered my courage and lifted the the top all the way. Still nothing, no blinding-spaceship-like-brilliant-white beams came out of the box. Not even the smallest of a twinkle.
Anyways, I brought the gift box closer to me and looked inside at the yellowish amber beads laying there in the dark box stranded to the clear fishing line holding them together and mingled with their neighboring strand of a smaller beads not too far from a stray bead sitting all alone in the far corner of the box. They looked like, well… just another amber beads. Realizing that I didn’t see what I expected to see I lay down the open box on the nearby table by the window to go about my business but not before I have a final, or so I thought, look at them and that’s when I noticed that something is happening to those beads.
At first, it looked like they’re moving, twisting and kind of whispering. I was surprised so I picked the box up, again, and examined the beads under the sunlight coming through the window. No, they’re neither moving nor twisting and listening carefully I came to the conclusion that they’re not whispering it was me who was whispering to myself at this point ”Beads don’t talk, Dummy”. It was nothing but the change in color, not too much color though just a subtle beautiful hint of blue enough to let me know that they’re not ‘just another amber beads’. I picked up the longer strand and held it in my hands and it felt good my friend, they had (actually still have) a nice feel to them..soft..smooth..silky feel that’s more on the sensual side. Yes, it is no ordinary amber by any means..this is SPECIAL..I didn’t want to let go of it but I had to at this point since my cat was yelling at me to go upstairs and feed her first.
After insuring that the cat is fed and happy I came back downstairs to examine the rest of the package. The specimen’s blue is VERY blue… I love it and now I’m having fun with the little rough pieces trying to learn how to shape and polish them.
The short version of all this; I’m pleased with the merchandise and definitely buying more soon to send to UAE.
Thanks H.,
K.N.United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

These are not all. But now it’s your turn.